15 Cool Vehicle Accessories and Car Gadgets 2019

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Have you seen the latest vehicle accessories? Here is our list of 15 cool vehicle accessories and car gadgets 2019.

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Nanotech Crystal Protective Car Coating 👌


Featured Vehicle Accessories and Car Gadgets 2019 ⭐
00:00 Intro
0:37 Put2Go Car Mount and Wireless Charger

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ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger
1:14 Vinli – The Connected Car

🛒Alternative – PRIMETRACKING Personal GPS Tracker

1:47 StopSleep – Anti Sleep Alarm
2:25 Foamaster II by Gilmour
2:53 AirHawk Cordless Air Compressor
3:26 Lanmodo Car Tent
4:05 Ztylus Stinger
4:33 LookIt Cam

5:08 70mai Smart Dash Cam
5:51 Kurgo Wander Hammock
6:24 Airbubbl

6:54 Nuviz Motorcycle HUD
7:30 Beltronics GT-7 radar detector
8:03 Chris – The Digital Assistant for Drivers

8:47 Exploride HUD

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AUTOLOVER A8 5.5 inch OBD II Car Windshield HUD
SHEROX 3.5" Car HUD Head-Up Display

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15 Cool Vehicle Accessories and Car Gadgets 2019
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15 Cool Vehicle Accessories and Car Gadgets 2019

Dieses Video ansehen auf YouTube.

27 Kommentare

  1. Another fun video! 11 things I didn’t know I needed until now! (Don’t have a motorcycle, so I left that one off!)

  2. I think all are great, except the last three or four could be trouble. Need that camera for front and back, would love the nano coating, air pollution device and that tent.

  3. I absolutely love this video due to the detailed and precise info without nonsense rambling. I love the fact that you include the price at the end as well. All in all this is the perfect video for basically anyone with a car!… After 1996 of course

  4. While I either don’t need these or can’t afford them, it was a nice product list. 👍🏻

  5. Absolutely love the idea of the Motorcycle HUD. I’ll have to go find some reviews for it before dropping $700 for one, but if it actually works, I’d love to grab one.

  6. I would love to get the car wash gadget and the air compressor. The magnet was pretty cool, but I must say that the tent for your car was hysterical. I actually can see some people I know getting it, but the man doing the speaking has me laughing. lol Thank you!

  7. I don’t know how I found this video but I did and I am glad. You show a lot of different technology things and provide the pricing. So I am now subscribed and alerted and will keep my eyes and ears tuned for goodies for my Camaro! I look forward to more videos like this!

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