7 Amazing New Car Accessories You Must Have|| Cool Car Gadgets On Amazon In 2018

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7 Amazing New Car Accessories You Must Have|| Cool Car Gadgets On Amazon In 2018
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1. Lanmodo Car Tent, Automatic Car Umbrella Tent

2. Cattini Mammut Lifting bags

## Simplex
Air Lifting Bags – 10.8 ton air lift bag

3. Handpresso 127015 12V Auto Hybrid

4. Bestrix Magnetic Phone Holder For Car Air Vent, Super Strong Maget, Elegant & Luxury design for iPhone X,8/7/6/6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6/S7/S8/S9/Plus & All Smartphones & Mini Tablets

5. Mophorn Pneumatic Jack 3 Ton Triple Bag Air Jack Lifting Height 18Inch Pneumatic Air Jack 6600LBS Capacity Extremely Fast Lifting Action (3 Ton)

6. AwareGPS OBD 3G GPS Service with FREE month of Service, Vehicle Tracking Device, Car GPS and GPS System APAAS1P1

7. Amprobe AT-7000 Advanced Wire Tracer


7 Amazing New Car Accessories You Must Have|| Cool Car Gadgets On Amazon In 2018

Dieses Video ansehen auf YouTube.

41 Kommentare

  1. Not one of which I would have any use for. The first one is totally stupid – never hold up to heavy winds and there are much better products that serve the same purpose.

    1. I’ve got one dude.. I don’t care about the „protection“ but the sun factor my car is ice cold on the 40°c plus days.. I didn’t get the remote control version though. It’s just easy to do it manually.. I don’t use it aside summer and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

    1. Keith Saunders the woman that drank the coffee didnt even look like she enjoyed it. She didnt look like she drank it just turned the other way lol

  2. #3 has been around for years. #5 has been around for years as well. #1 might be useful if you camp in your car.

  3. I think an OBD2 scan tool is more useful than most of them. Search for Bluetooth obd2 on amazon and get a quality one for less than $30 which may save you hundreds or even thousands some day.

  4. Those drive on airbags would be cool for dudes who drive lowered Honda’s and can’t get a jack under their car when they blow a tire. Lucky for me, I drive a lifted Subaru, so I don’t have that problem 😉

  5. Driving through the countryside, get a flat tire. So I grap my portable shade, make some espresso and use my inflatable jack. That’s as far as I made it in the video.

  6. Besttrix phone holder works perfectly for my car which doesn’t have flat place to install suction cup phone folder, also it’s made from good material that blends great with my cars chrome lined dashboard. Its strong enough to hold an iPad mini.

  7. Wow it’s 7 new car accessories amazing and very impressive
    I will buy these accessories for my car. Thank you for this video

  8. theft : „hey I gonna remove this suction cup umbrella with my knife“
    **anti-theft belt**
    „Dammit !!! Ok I’m gonna just easily clean this fresh yogurt drops instead…“
    (wow the handpresso guy can’t close his mouth, this make him look so dumb)

  9. see 07:27 and tell me: how fifth gadget „mophorn“ is lifting both front sides of the car, when it is just under the right front wheel? 😀 my guess is, that this gadget can’t handle weight of a „SUV“ and big jack is helping lifting car from the car roof!

  10. Making coffee in your car? Why? We’ve got travel mugs now, and in the old days they had double walled steel thermoses, there are easier ways for coffee on the go.

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