BEST CAR ACCESSORIES/GADGETS #2 – Improve Your Driving Experience

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Even more, best must-have car accessories.
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Introduction: 0:00

1. OrangeKube Air Freshener (0:23) :

2. InnoGear USB Car Oil Diffuser (1:04):

3. Essential Oils :

4. Custoarmor Car Mats (1:55):

5. ROIDMI X20 Mop/Vacuum Cleaner (3:25):

6. VVCAR Mirror Dash Cam (4:35):

7. 1 to 2 Sockets Cigarette Lighter Splitter (5:40):

8. Pitaka Qi MagMount iPhone 7 -12 (6:54):

9. Pitaka Magcase:
iPhone 11:
iPhone 12:
iPhone 13:

10. Snow Brush (7:50):

11. FrostGuard (8:04):

– Rear Cover:

12. Blind Spot Mirror (9:50):

13. BESTEK 300W Power Inverter DC (10:33):

14. Kensun Portable Air Compressor Pump (11:36):


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BEST CAR ACCESSORIES/GADGETS #2 – Improve Your Driving Experience

Dieses Video ansehen auf YouTube.

37 Kommentare

    1. There is a flap on the Frostguard that gets shut inside of the door, so as long as you lock your car no one will be able to remove it.

  1. Love how you aren’t like every other car gadget YouTube video. You have different options rather the same stuff every other video has. Great content man keep it up

    1. Or better yet. Do a relay from your ignition switch to a new fuse box. So you can add 12v key on accessories and have them all fused from your new fuse box.

  2. This might be very random, but I really appreciate you taking the time to put the Canadian amazon links for each product. It’s a small detail, but very appreciated. Thank you! And great video!

  3. I like this channel and proud of you young brother. That clip on mirror cam just what I needed too. Major props, SimplyPops.

  4. These car mats are dope. Have them installed in my Porsche Cayenne from 2012 and it looks gorgeous. But don’t order them from the site he mentioned in the video. There they cost like 300$ but I got mine for 40$ from AliExpress within 3 Weeks. Great quality and really cool look.

  5. Thank you. That Vvcar dash cam was a great suggestion. I installed it on my 2016, 1500 Ram and installed the back camera on the inside of the cab looking through the rear glass instead of the bumper as you suggested. Unit works great giving me view of my cargo bed contents along with the traffic in back me

  6. I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate how much effort is put into this video. Not only is it very professional and well-made, you spent an appropriate amount of time on each product and once I get my car I will probably buy several of these! Keep up the great work!

  7. I’ve got the Frostguard … but I put my wipers below it to keep them from icing. It fits well enough not to need the wipers to hold it down.

  8. Great Video!!!! I was looking for a present for my girls car. You gave me a list to choose from. Nailed all the facts with no extra BS and to see a hella fly video not from the manufacturer makes me trust the product for real. Keep’em coming G I’m definitely going to subscribe.

  9. dude i just wanna take a minute to tell you thank you so much, im getting a car this week and let me tell you. youre the best for putting all these options for us. i NEVER knew these existed and the fact that you get right into the video is just wonders. I LOVE IT. youre videos are the BEST. im sitting here taking notes and stuff youre the best thank you so so much!!!!

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