Japan: Car Accessories | Jeremy Clarkson’s Motorworld | Top Gear

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Jeremy visits a japanese car accessories warehouse to see the variety of kit you can buy for your car. Funny video from BBC motor show classic, Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld.

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Japan: Car Accessories | Jeremy Clarkson's Motorworld | Top Gear

Dieses Video ansehen auf YouTube.

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    1. @Mark Henley Because the US sabotaged the Japanese economy in the 80s, USA was so insecure that Japan would take over their economy seeing it as kind of threat. Resulting most of the US investments shifted to Korea and China. You can look these up by searching starting Japan-US trade war for more details.
      Now, has the most debt in the world and literally declining for the last 30 years, so Japan just froze in time isn’t a baseless statement at all.

    2. @Flared When it comes to fax and post … if it ain’t broken don’t fix it? I mean it’s not like they can’t afford computers and internet. I think they just think it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

    1. @Darko Kovač All Asian countries do that cause it’s „exotic“. The same way Western countries get Chinese character tattoos or have calligraphy pictures hung up on their wall.

    2. @Darko Kovač when i was in japan i felt more at home than when i am at home, my ex wife’s family were great (the old man loves whiskey and i could (literally) drink them under the table) but we used to sit in the tiny kitchen smoking and not having a word of either language. but everywhere you look are phrases in english, but they transmogrify english into japanese – like tellybee for television. i make a joke, what’s japanese for spoon? spoon. what’s japanese for table? table. what’s japanese for chair? chair. none of these things existed until they opened the borders. but most english words get japanified, like carismasu – christmas.

  1. _The Grand Tour_ is actually short for “Just a roller skate grand touring all over the physical ironic power”

  2. I’m tempted to just avoid watching young Jeremy Clarkson, just because I’ve become so used to him and May being old. I’m at a point where there’s something unnatural about the idea that Jeremy has ever been young.

    1. I think of him as young first and foremost; because the late-’90’s & early ’00’s was when he was presenting seemingly everything.
      (even the first episode of Robot Wars)

  3. I’m pretty sure if you had a car alarm that said “stop touching don’t be naughty” in the UK you’d get people who’ll set it off on purpose to hear it

  4. Jeremy Clarkson in japan : talking about car accessories

    Richard Hammond in japan : talking about bullet train

    james may in japan : not allowed to eat his lunch

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