We Bought Illegal Car Accessories

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You can buy a lot of car stuff online, but not all of it is legal to put on your car. We bought a bunch of potentially super illegal car accessories and slapped them all on our Jetta. Then we called a real lawyer to let us know how illegal they are. This isn’t legal advice, but this is the D-List!

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Barrow 52 in. Brown Large Rectangle Wood Coffee Table with Lift Top

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We Bought Illegal Car Accessories

Dieses Video ansehen auf YouTube.

60 Kommentare

    1. It’s so absurd outlawing dangling testicles, „For the children“. Jesus. Are you going to put diapers on dogs and cats, too? Don’t even take the children to a petting zoo.
      I saw this huge black lifted Ford 4 x 4 with duallies proudly displaying a dangling pair of glossy black nuts. I cracked up because they looked to be twice the size of those in your vid. I thought, „How appropriate „. I rolled up beside it giving a polite beep-beep. The limo tint driver’s window slid down instantly. I leaned over and gave the driver a hearty thumbs up. I could see that he was a very large black man. He looked down at me and flashed a huge toothy grin and and returned the thumbs up. I wanted a picture but traffic conditions didn’t work out. That’s my take. Just saying.

  1. The license flipper would be legal in one circumstance that comes to mind: in NC, if you own a classic auto, you are allowed to run a plate from the year of your auto, I.e. a 67 Mustang can have a 1967 plate on the car, but you have to have the up-to-date registered plate in the car at all times. With the flipper you can attach both plates, which would be pretty cool.

    1. @Marc Baigrie no one gives af about your opinion. I never stated I would use it, nor did I advocate that anyone else does so. I only mentioned this was the only legal conceivable use for it. Does it look ‘cool’? Not entirely but I’ve seen a few eyesores that individuals use for license plate surrounds that have no business on fine automobiles. Is it convenient for this purpose? Absolutely. Is the convenience worth the lack of aesthetic appeal? Depends on the owner. Obviously you don’t believe so, and with that, we’ve come back around to that simple fact: no one gives af about your opinion.

  2. The “police” lights are technically illegal but at the same time if you are a volunteer firefighter in a state that allows for volunteer first responders to have emergency lights then its not illegal

  3. I always wonder if those radar detectors even work, most people would never be able to test it so it could just be a box that bleeps every so often

    1. @Lost Alone It’s not even that annoying, they just banned em ‚cause hurr durr muh feeeeelingsss‘ it’d appear lmao

  4. I love how Joe still had the tags like a new york lawyer you meet at a pub and offers to take your case only to not show up or show up late from evading the iris

  5. fun fact: When „my friend“ used to live in a state with toll roads, he had a motorcycle license plate dangling under under the seat using 2 hinges. He connected a fishing line to the bottom of the plate which was routed to the handlebars. When he went through the easy-pass toll booth, he pulled the string and the plate flipped up under the seat. It was so tight!

  6. I absolutely love your channel!! I just found it and watched the High low tent truck campers. This is my second video, so I guess I will be binge watching y’alls videos all night.

  7. 14:27 oh thank goodness. As a Floridian watching this video I feared it was just a trend that hadn’t taken off yet. I’m so glad that’s illegal in my state because you’re right they would be everywhere in central Florida. Those people are wack.

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